Oasis Pool Bar

Oasis Pool Bar

An afternoon at the Oasis Pool Bar offers the perfect blend of sunshine and refreshing pool dips, creating an idyllic setting for relaxation. Whether you’re basking under the warm rays or cooling off in the crystal-clear waters, the experience is both serene and rejuvenating. However, if you find yourself needing a break for some sustenance, the Oasis Pool Bar is conveniently located just steps away, ready to serve you.

The Oasis Pool Bar is open daily from 10am to 5:30pm, ensuring ample time for guests to enjoy its offerings throughout the day. With a range of refreshments and light bites available, it’s the ideal spot to refuel and continue your leisurely afternoon by the pool. The bar’s relaxed atmosphere and friendly service make it a popular choice for those looking to unwind and indulge in some poolside dining.



The Oasis Burger – €15.50
Grilled 225g Aberdeen Angus beef burger served with pickled cucumber, mustard mayo, dressed salad and fries.
With bacon* €16.75
With cheese €16.25
With bacon* & cheese €16.95

The Spicy Chicken Burger – €15.25
Grilled 225g chicken* breast topped with bacon*, melted cheese and spicy BBQ sauce,served with mustard mayo, pickled cucumber, dressed salad and fries.

Vegetarian Lovers
Grilled Halloumi Burger – (V) €15.95
Served with spinach, tomato chutney,
dressed salad and fries.

Moving Mountains Vegan Burger – (V) €16.75
Grilled to perfection, all-leaf no beef burger! Made with plant protein, mushrooms, coconut oil and beetroot, herbs, and spices, in a sesame bun*, served with pickled cucumber, dressed salad and fries.
With vegan cheese €17.50

Tomato, Baasil & Burrata Ciabatta – (V) €13.95
Marinated tofu with lemon and lime, crispy salad leaves, tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumber and lemon oil 

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Chive, Cucumber Grainy Panina* – €17.95
Served with dressed salad and fries.

Tuna, Caper & Olive Baguette – €13.25
Served with dressed salad and fries.

Chicken, Parmesan, Avocado, Rocket & Tomato Wrap – €15.25
Served with dressed salad and fries.



Grilled Salmon Fillet – €26.95
Grilled Sea Bream Fillets – €27.95
Grilled King Prawns – €30.50


Grilled 250g Irish Beef Fillet Medallions – €30.50
Grilled 300g Argentinian Beef Rib-eye Steak – €31.50
Grilled Chicken* Breast – €26.95

All the above grills are served with dressed salad and fries.


Swordfish & Salmon Carpaccio – €15.50
With lemon, salad leaves and extra virgin olive oil.

Irish Beef Carpaccio – €15.75
With lemon, rocket leaves, mustard, parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

Local Octopus Salad – €16.95
With garlic, basil, olive oil, salad leaves, black olives, and garlic croutons

Caesar Salad – €10.95
Iceberg lettuce, croutons, anchovy fillets with Caesar
dressing and parmesan shavings.
With chicken* €15.95
With salmon €16.75
With shrimps €16.95
With grilled halloumi €15.95

Fresh Cheeselets* Salad – (V) €14.75
With cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, sundried tomatoes and asparagus.

Parma Ham And Sweet Melon Salad – €15.95
With caramelised walnuts, salad leaves, cherry tomatoes and rocket

Lemon Marinated Tofu And Avocado Salad – (V) (VG)€15.95
Marinated tofu, avocado, salad leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pistachios and cherry vinegar.

Mixed Salad – (V) €12.50
With cherry tomatoes, coleslaw, bell peppers, capers,
rocket leaves and olives.


Chicken Nuggets – €8.95
(6 pieces) with salad and fries.

Penne with Tomato Sauce – €8.95
Grilled 225g chicken* breast topped with bacon*, melted cheese and spicy BBQ sauce, served with mustard mayo, pickled cucumber, dressed salad and fries.

Fish Fingers – €8.95
(6 pieces) with salad and fries.

The products and ingredients purchased are made with a preference for local and certified suppliers, reflecting our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please speak to our staff before selecting your food and drink.

(V) Vegetarian    (VG) Vegan    *Locally Sourced


Penne Arrabiata – €13.50
With fresh local tomato sauce, basil and chilli.
With spicy salami €16.75
With prawns €19.75
With fresh mozzarella €16.75

Spaghetti Aglio, Olio E Peperoncino – €13.25
With garlic, chilli, parsley and extra virgin olive oil.
With bacon* €15.75
With chicken* €15.95
With prawns €19.75

Oasis Ravioli Carbonara With Guanciale & Pecorino Cheese – €18.95
With pecorino cheese and parsley cream.

Penne Maltese Speciality – €16.95
With garlic, sundried tomatoes, Maltese sausage*,
peppered cheese*, thyme and tomatoes.

Ravioli Filled With Lobster & Prawns – €19.95
With a lemon, asparagus creamed sauce and lobster bisque.

Spaghetti Allo Scoglio Ricco – €19.95
With prawns, octopus, calamari, and basil oil.

Mushroom Risotto – €16.95
With porcini, oyster, portobello mushrooms, cream
and truffle oil.

Prawn & Baby Spinach Risotto – €18.95
With prawns, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, and cream.

Tomato, Black Olive, Aubergine And Basil Risotto – (V) (VG) €16.95
With tomato and extra virgin olive oil.


French Fries – €4.75
Grilled Vegetables – €4.75
Green Salad – €4.75
Tomato Salad – €4.75
Marinated Olives – €6.75


Triple Chocolate Mousse – €6.95
White, milk and dark chocolate
Coconut And Raspberry Cheesecake – €6.95
Black Forest Cake – €6.95
Classic Tiramisu – €6.95
Fruit Salad – €5.95
Ice Cream – €2.95 per scoop
With mixed fruits €5.50
Banana Split – €6.95
Chocolate Sundae – €6.95
Peach Melba – €6.95


Local Wine: €7.00
Foreign Wine €8.50
Prosecco €10.50



Marsovin – Cassar de Malte Brut, Malta €45.00
Borgo Molino – Prosecco Rosé Extra Dry, Veneto – Italy €35.00
Langlois Chateau – Crémant de Loire Blanc, Loire – France €40.00
Drappier – Brut ‘Carte d Or’, Champagne – France €75.00


Marsovin – 1919 Chardonnay – Moscato – Girgentina, Malta €28.00
Marsovin – Antonin Blanc, Malta €35.00
Delicata – Grand Vin de Hauteville Viognier, Malta €30.00
Fontanafredda – Gavi di Gavi, Piedmont – Italy €35.00
Borgo Molino – Pinot Grigio ‘Ciari’, Veneto – Italy €30.00
Alcesti – Grillo ‘Edesia’ biodynamic, Sicily – Italy €28.00
Château Roquefort – Château Roquefort, Bordeaux – France €28.00
J.Moreau et fils – Chablis, Burgundy – France €45.00
Simonsig – Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch – South Africa €28.00
Alpha Estate – Sauvignon Blanc Fumé, Florina – Greece €40.00


Marsovin – 1919 Rosé, Malta €28.00
Marsovin – Odyssey Rosé, Malta €28.00
Leone de Castris – Primitivo Rosé ‘Villa Santera’, Apulia – Italy € 35.00
Ferraton – Côtes du Rhône Rosé, Rhône – France € 28.00


Marsovin – 1919 Red, Malta €28.00
Delicata – Grand Vin de Hauteville Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malta €30.00
Michele Chiarlo – Palas Barbera d’Asti, Piedmont – Italy €30.00
Umani Ronchi – Montepulciano d’Abruzzo organic ‘Montipagano’, Abruzzo – Italy €32.00
Castello Monaci – Primitivo di Manduria ‘Tautor’, Apulia – Italy €35.00
Ogier – Côtes du-Rhône Vieilles Vignes ‘Heritage’, Rhône – France €28.00
Masi Tupungato – Malbec, Corvina ‘Passo Doble’, Mendoza – Argentina €35.00

* Locally Sourced **Sustainable Producer

Quench your thirst by the pool with our refreshing Mojito and Spritz selection of cocktails, both classic favourites. 


Arizona Stingers – Vodka and iced tea lemon
Death in the afternoon – Absinthe and prosecco
Summer Solistice – Whisky, mint and iced tea peach
Storm – Rum, lime and ginger beer
Aquamarine – Tequila, triple sec, blue curacao and peach schnapps.
Porch Swing – Gin, Pimm’s No1, and lemonade
Gilligan’s Island – Vodka, peach schnapps, orange and
cranberry juice
Sunset – Gin, green apple, mango and peach


Rum, lime wedges, brown sugar, mint and club soda
Choose your favourite flavours:
Classic/Mango/Strawberry/Passion Fruit/Maltese/
Blueberry/Watermelon/Green Apple


Prosecco, club soda
Choose your liqueur:
Classic cocktails start from €8.50.


Virgin Mojito or Colada
Iced Coffees – Blend of espresso, milk & sugar
(Optional flavours €1 – caramel, vanilla, hazelnut)
On Vacation – Blend of banana, mango, strawberry &

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